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Feature Class - Classic Chocolate Making

Posted by Adriana Amelio on Apr 24, 2015 2:04:00 PM

Around this time last year, I attended a local event focused on Good Business – a gathering of entrepreneurs and socially conscious Edmontonians hoping to mingle with likeminded individuals. One such local business owner was Rebecca Grant, a local chocolate maker who had built her Violet Chocolate Company into a successful Edmonton sweet shop! After chatting about her scrumptious and unusual bars, I knew she was exactly the type of instructor we needed at Metro! 


Her two courses – Classic Chocolate Making and Chocolate Tasting – debuted in the Winter 2015 Adult Continuing Education calendar. I attended her Classic Chocolate Making course on February 24th at Harry Ainlay High School and OH BOY, what a treat!

Though Rebecca usually works on a large tempering surface when chocolate making, she adjusted her approach to work within the constraints of the smaller High School foods room.  We gathered around her pot of melted chocolate and learned all the different techniques for heating and cooling chocolate before moving on to start the process of making our own.

The class had 10 participants, all paired off into separate workstations. Before we moved into the chocolate making, Rebecca started with a brief overview of the difference between quality and cheap chocolate. I love chocolate, so even the cheap stuff was a-ok with me, but it was very interesting to see what a difference quality can make. Rebecca really showed her expertise and it was great to know we were being led by a real expert.

In the interest of time, all the truffle moulds had been made ahead of time. We were instructed to pick between a milk chocolate lavender truffle or a dark chocolate Earl Grey truffle. Lucky for us, there were some extra moulds and my partner and I were able to make both!

chocolate making 2

Once at our stations, we were given a cookbook with instructions for making the ganache.  Rebecca made her way around the room, helping everyone out. Once the ganache for the truffle was made and poured into the moulds, we selected a larger mould to make our own hollow chocolates to bring home. I’m certain my eyes popped out of my head as I took the gigantic heart mould and filled it with melty milk chocolate. To add to the professional chocolatier experience, we were also give some edible dust to decorate our moulds with, leading to some very pretty chocolate creations.

At the end of the class, I had a box full of delicious and beautiful chocolate to bring home, that I had made! This course is an absolute must for anyone with a sweet tooth or a creative side.

chocolate making 3 resized 600


We’re always on the hunt for fun and creative classes. Do you know a local expert who would make a great Metro instructor? Let us know! 

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