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Featured Category - Law for the Layperson

Posted by Lindsay Marshall on Sep 29, 2016 2:52:09 PM

Need to understand the basics of personal injury law before consulting a lawyer? How about understanding your rights and responsibilities after being named executor of an estate? We’re here to help!

Featured Category - Law for the Layperson

Metro Continuing Education offers over fifty Law for the Layperson classes every year, providing legal information to hundreds of Edmontonians. 

Law for the Layperson courses are instructed by Edmonton and area lawyers who volunteer their time to share their knowledge on a variety of important topics including Surviving Small Claims Court, The Legalities of Living Together, Will & Estate Planning essentials and more. Most Law for the Layperson courses are offered at a very affordable rate of $19 or less for a two to two-and-a-half hour session. Metro is able to offer these affordable rates due to grant support from the Alberta Law Foundation.

So why take a course? Here are some popular reasons Metro customers choose to enroll in Law for the Layperson courses.

|Classes are designed for “the Layperson”

Interpreting legal jargon and wading through information you’re getting from a Google search can be frustrating. The intent of Law for the Layperson classes is to start with the basics—defining important terms and answering questions like, “What do these terms mean?”, “Why is this important?”, “What is involved?”, and always a key consideration “How much will this cost?”

|The information is current and specific to Alberta

Even within Canada, acts and legislation can vary greatly by province. For example, in Alberta, the Small Claims (or Civil Claims) limit is up to $50,000 whereas in BC it’s $25,000 and in Saskatchewan the limit is $30,000! The lawyers that instruct our courses are up to date on the current legislation. What a family member or friend may have told you about who they handled a legal situation a few years ago may not be accurate today.

|Help! I need information… Now!

A key reason people sign up for a Law for the Layperson course is to get the basics they need to deal with a current or impending legal situation. Being an Executor/Personal Representative is one of Metro’s most popular courses. Many people who attend have been recently named executor to an estate and need to understand what to expect and what the rights and responsibilities are. These types of classes can provide a general or introductory framework to very important legal topics without the challenge of setting up a one on one meeting with a lawyer.

|The environment is comfortable and casual

Everyone in attendance at the Law for the Layperson classes is there to learn!  Though the lawyers teaching the classes are there to provide general legal information and cannot provide specific legal advice during the class, the questions and discussions that come up about the general interpretation of laws and acts is very interesting and educational. The average class size for Law for the Layperson courses is around 15-20 attendees with age and unique situation varying greatly.

Stay informed and protect yourself and your family with legal information from Metro! Browse this terms courses here.