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How We Work - Professional Development at Metro!

Posted by Adriana Amelio on Sep 8, 2016 3:39:07 PM

The job market is as competitive as ever these days and it can be hard to stand out in your field. Developing new skills and job-specific training can help you gain that edge you need to succeed.



So, how can you take your career into your own hands? With Professional Development (PD) courses! Metro's courses are designed to be both practical and relevant to many fields and are offered at various locations and times around the city for your convenience. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or master a new area, we have the courses you need to get ahead in the workforce. Each term we offer a mix of new and past classes so you can always find what you’re looking for.

This term we’re offering a variety of PD options in Business & Management and Computer Training & Technology. Learn in an adult environment from industry leaders as you work towards your professional goal.

Highlights from the fall term include courses that are designed to help build a productive, happy and safe workplace. Evaluating workplace behavior, personalities and personal safety is an important part of workplace satisfaction. This term we have three new courses that really highlight these skills, allowing you to go confidently into any role.

HR Basics Every Manager Needs to Know

Are you expected to be an HR expert? Do you spend hours on people-related issues and complicated employment laws and regulations? This plain-language class is designed for small to medium-sized business owners, managers and supervisors who need to sharpen their HR knowledge and skills to solve day-to-day employment and people-management issues. Students will learn about HR best practices that lead to productive and engaged employees, and a positive workplace culture that aligns with business goals.


Personality Styles in the Workplace

Making your way through the maze of personalities and temperaments in the workplace can be challenging. This hands-on, interactive workshop will help students create more effective communication, deal with conflict and enhance workplace productivity through the True Colors model of personality identification. Students will develop key strategies for recognizing values, strengths and motivating factors in yourself and in others on your team so you can enhance personal achievement, build better rapport and improve positive attitudes in your everyday work life.

Personal Safety in the Workplace & Beyond

This course is designed for those who deal with difficult or aggressive customers or face difficult circumstances that compromise personal safety in either a high-risk environment or those looking to tune up conflict management skills. It is for all individuals, men and women, looking to gain a stronger sense of personal safety and improved confidence in responding to difficult situations and people.

Instructor Randy James was motivated to teach a course of this matter during his time with the provincial government, working in Human Services. In this working environment, there was occasion to deal with angry clients and customers on a regular basis. This gave Randy the sense that there needed to be, not only for himself but for his colleagues as well, an opportunity to learn to manage ourselves in a volatile situation or with an angry client. What prompted him to create this course was a pamphlet that he was given some 13 years ago, from a company in the United States offering a Personal Safety course.  “I thought to myself why would we bring in someone from the States to deliver this course when the expertise was already here?  With that I created this one day course combining my Martial Arts expertise with my Government of Alberta work experience.”

After teaching this course for the provincial government for 15 years, it became evident that areas outside of human services, and indeed the government sector, needed this skill.




Through this surprisingly interactive course, students will learn how to prevent or de-escalate violent and aggressive situations.  Despite this, Randy finds that, “it’s actually a fun course! Many people make some assumptions about personal safety that aren’t always correct, so I look to provide a safe and comfortable environment to learn this topic in.” This course is ideal for students from all business and work environments as it goes beyond the government work it was developed for. “In fact,” says Randy, “the course is not just confined to work, but rather what do you do when you leave work and you’re out in your regular life?”

Students will also find a course that is tailored to their situations and needs. One of the key things when talking about a work situation is context, says Randy, “we work on scenarios with the group. I cater the scenario to the participant so it’s not any generic work situation, but relevant to the type of work they do. There’s a unique personal application for people.”

In addition to his breadth of professional skills, Randy is also a 6th degree black belt in martial arts/karate. While many may associate these types of situations with physical fights, there is actually very little physicality to the course as it is more about how you best manage people and situations. While most of the course is about how to avoid the physical aspects so you don’t actually escalate to violence, dealing with human beings is never predictable. Randy focuses the course on verbally deescalating, body language, the words you use and how to approach someone so that the physical aspect is mitigated.  “If we’re not paying attention we might not realize the things we’re doing—if we can’t recognize it we may not know how to change it.”

Professional development is all about setting yourself up as a knowledgeable and valuable employee. Employers are always on the look for those who are willing to learn and grow on the job and Metro aims to provide unique and relevant opportunities to do so. As a bonus, our courses may be eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant! Employers can find more details on our website.

Check out our Professional Development calendar for all the offerings this Fall!

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