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Summer School Top Ten: Tips & Tricks for Students & Parents

Posted by Adriana Amelio on Apr 21, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Summer school is more than just playing catch-up— many students actually find summer school to have amazing benefits like freeing up their timetable, focusing on trouble areas and even finishing a Diploma Class before grade 12!


There’s a lot to consider when looking into summer school, but thankfully you don’t have to look too far for answers to some of the most pressing questions.

We spoke with counsellors, Assistant Principals and Customer Service reps to compile this list of the Top Questions about summer school that parents and students often have:


|1. Does a 3-credit Phys. Ed course fulfil my high school diploma requirements?

Yes, a 3-credit Phys. Ed course is acceptable for high school diploma requirements. In fact, if you check out the summer school schedule, there are actually some locations that offer 6-credit PhysEd /CALM combo classes. 


|2Can a grade 9 student get ahead and take the core 10-level subjects in summer school?

No, this is the decision of each high school. These courses are designed to be completed in a fast paced and condensed schedule, making it a very different experience than regular high school credit classes. Many teachers and Principal’s feel a students’ first high school core course should not be taken this way. Once a student has completed grade 10 they are free to enroll in any level of class in summer school.


|3. Some summer scool locations are open to all students but there are others that only the students from that school can access, why is that?

Each EPSB school decides if they would like to accept outside students for summer school classes. Closed sites may make that choice to ensure that their students are able to take Summer School in their own school and not worry about losing a seat. Take a look at our summer school guide to see which courses are offered at which open and closed locations.


|4. I am taking a summer school course to upgrade my mark and rewrite the diploma exam. What else do I need to know?

Any students retaking a 30-level course and rewriting the diploma exam must pay a rewrite fee to Alberta Education online. This fee needs to be paid before writing the diploma exam.


|5. I am entering post-secondary this fall and want to upgrade my mark in summer school. Will the post-secondary institution still accept my mark?

Application deadlines and extensions vary by post-secondary school. It is your responsibility to contact the post-secondary institution directly to understand their deadline for taking late marks.


The earlier you start planning, the easier it is to work summer school into your next year of high school!


|6. I have a vacation planned this summer and will have to miss some days of summer school. How many classes can I miss?

Due to the fast pace and condensed material in summer school, you will need to be there every day to successfully complete the class. Missing even one day requires an Exceptional Circumstances form to be filled out. Vacation is not a valid reason for missing class so it is advised that you plan accordingly.


|7. I am a student from a different school district, can I still attend summer school?

Yes. However, if you are from a school district other than Edmonton Public Schools it is recommended that you call to register so we can ensure the right documents are on file.


|8. I need advice for what classes I can and should take. Who should I talk to?

We recommend that you speak to the counsellors at your school for guidance. They can help you determine which courses to take in summer school and how to best structure your regular timetable around that.


|9. I am registering online through Metro. Should I register under a “Learner” or a “Household” profile?

If you are registering for a summer school class, you must register as a “Learner” and not a “Household,” even if you have taken other Metro courses in the past.  Registering as a “Learner” is the only way to ensure you receive your credits for your summer school course.  


|10. What is the registration deadline for summer school?

Online registration is open until June 18th but you are welcome to come to the Metro offices and register in person until June 24th.  We strongly recommend that you register as early as possible. During the final week before summer school starts, Metro will take over 1500 registrations. Phones will be busy and there will be lineups in person. Save yourself the wait time and sign up when you know your plans! Also, the most popular classes like Physics, Social Studies and Math will fill up fast, so register early to avoid disappointment.


Did we miss something? We're always here for you! Call our Customer Service team at 780-428-1111 weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm and ask away.



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